The Insane Amount of Damage a Bad Employee Can Do

If you are sometimes tempted to take on a new employee without putting a lot of effort into it then you need to be aware of the potential pitfalls of doing this.

There are very nasty things that can happen if you have a bad employee on your team. It doesn’t matter whether they are incompetent or deliberately bad, as the results could be devastating in either case.

Take a look as these possible effects of a bad employee to see how important it is to be very careful when it comes to hiring anyone new.

Ruin Your Reputation

There are many different ways in which your business reputation can get ruined by a poor employee. Maybe they will neglect to meet deadlines, produce poor quality work or even be rude to your customers and business partners.

Given the massive importance of your reputation this is something that you will want to protect as well as you can from damage. Don’t let one person undo all of the good work that you have done over the years.

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As well as choosing your new staff wisely you will want to keep a close eye on them in their early days. This could mean giving them a mentor for their first few weeks or just reviewing their work on a regular basis.

Mess Up Your Database

It is likely that your database is a hugely valuable part of your work as well. Without the information that you have in here you could struggle to get in touch with clients or to work out who your best leads are.

Someone who comes in and makes a mess of your database could, therefore, really make life difficult for you from now on. Just imagine how awkward and time-consuming it could be to try and work without a database that you can rely upon.

If you do end up in this unfortunate position then perhaps the best approach would be to use an address lookup tool in the meantime, to avoid making mistakes with the correspondence you send out. However, you are also going to want to fix the system going forward as well.

When a lot of damage has been done you might need to think about fixing the whole time so that you can feel confident about the details on it. In this case, carrying out address data cleansing is a smart move.

Undermine the Team Spirit

One of the most awkward problems that can be caused by a poor employee is the undermining of the team spirit. No matter how well you have done to build up a strong, united team, this can be undone very quickly by someone who has a bad attitude.

It is a horrible sensation to watch your team spirit crumble before your eyes because of a bad influence. Therefore, the sooner you can do something about this the better, as it is only going to get worse over time.

Ideally, you will find a way of sitting down with your troublesome employee and get to the bottom of the matter. If you can’t sort the matter out this way then it may be time to work out how to end their contract or get them moved to a different area.

However, you need to very careful to respect the worker’s rights when you do this, rather than just getting rid of them in any way that you can. Regardless of their poor attitude, you still need to respect the proper legal processes.  

Get You Into Legal Problems

In the worst case scenario you could end up in some sort of legal problems because of the effect of this poor employee. Maybe they will mess up a client’s account or get you into legal bother because of a laid-back attitude to following industry regulations.

Another terrible situation that many companies have got into is when an employee embezzles them or steals information. This is more common than you might think and can have disastrous consequences for the business that has been cheated.

As well as losing a lot of money you could end up tied up in court issues for a long time as you try to sort this out. This could lead to massive business problems eventually.  

To avoid these cases, it is far better to take the time to choose the right employee. Even if you are under a lot of time pressure you will be grateful in the long run for taking the time to make a wise decision in this respect.