The Step By Step Guide To Arrange A Cheap Yet Awesome Nikah Ceremony

Nikah is not a low key affair in our country. From engagement to Nikah, the ceremony involves multiple small as well as big traditions. But unlike common belief, a beautiful Nikah ceremony doesn’t require you to burn holes in your pocket. If you go smart way, you can spend a huge amount without compromising the excitement and happiness. Presenting here some amazing tips you can follow to arrange a great Nikah.


  1. Invite only limited people: This is a common sense, that as the list of guest gets bigger, the bill will get larger too. Always try to maintain a fixed number of people invited to the wedding. Ensure only close friends and relatives are invited not everyone. If you follow this step wisely, you will surely notice a huge difference in your budget.


  1. Save money in sending out invitations: Well, who says invitations always have to be hand delivered? Well, we are living in the 21st century. Internet and emails are ruling the world so why not introduce this aspect in our weddings as well. Instead of sending out invitations to a far away place, you can easily make use of emails or online services and make a big saving here. Or even if you want to go with cards, the best way is to outsource it to another cheaper place.

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  1. Go with quality instead of quantity for food: Another big expense that can ruin whole of your wedding budget which is why you must ensure to get the best bang for your money. Always check multiple places and sample of food so that you stay within budget. Check out pricings at 4 to 5 places and select the best option. Also try to avoid adding unseasonal dishes in your menu as this is will increase your budget very badly.

  1. Instead of buying, rent or buy used wedding dress: Well, although we all wish for a perfect wedding outfit, this doesn’t seem to be a wise idea when you look at financial point of view. Well, this outfit is going to be worn only once which is why spending such a big amount doesn’t seem to be a great idea. The best way to save money here would be to check out some places who can give you wedding dresses for rent or if you can buy a used wedding outfit.

  1. Consider decorated locations: Instead of finding a wedding venue and then spending money on decorating it, the better way is to get a place that already has decorations. Or you can also go for outdoor venue. These venue are amazing and less expensive too. But again, they have their own set of challenges so make sure to analyze it first.

So friends, hope you follow these tips and arrange an amazing Nikah ceremony.