Themed Cake Ideas for Best Friend’s Bridal Shower

We all have that one special friend in life who knows us inside out. From bunking classes together to going for shopping, having the first drink of life together to screaming at the top of the lungs, we all have done this with our best friend in life. And when our best friend decides to get married, it gives us immense pleasure, and we just can’t hold our excitement together. If your best friend is getting married and you want to do something special that she remembers for the rest of her life, then plan an exciting bridal shower for her. It would be the one last stroke of fun in her single life. To make the event magical, you can order a themed cake online for your best friend’s bridal shower.

If you can’t select the theme to get a customized bridal shower cake, we are here to help you with some excellent ideas.

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Designer Brands Customized Cake

If your friend loves shopping and is a huge brand freak, then order a designer brand customized cake for her bridal shower. It would be the most innovative and delicious cake she ever had in her entire life. If you live in Kolkata, then you can order online customized cakes in Kolkata according to your choice.

FRIENDS Themed Cake

Is your friend a huge FRIENDS fan? If yes, then a ‘FRIENDS’ themed cake would be the best cake for her bridal shower and bring back the memories of all the episodes of the series that you two watched together. You can order cakes online in Kolkata from a cake delivery website or get it prepared at a local cake shop.

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Mickey Mouse Cake

No matter how old we grow up, we all love to binge watch our favorite cartoon characters from childhood, every once in a while. So, while your best friend gets ready to enter the new phase of her life surprise her with a Mickey Mouse themed cake on her bridal shower or some other cartoon character that she loves most. She will relive the sweet memories from her childhood once again. You can get the online cake delivery in Kolkata right at your doorstep without actually going to the market.

Make this pre-wedding celebration a miraculous one for your best friend. Along with a perfectly decorated cake, add some exciting games in the event to take the celebration to a notch higher.