Things to consider when Undertaking a Basement Renovation

The basement sits at the bottom of your house; it often houses the furnace and a collection of mysterious looking pipes.  In many houses it is a dark and dingy place.  However, with just a little inspiration and some hard work your basement can be transformed into valuable and useful additional space in your home.

A basement renovation project can provide you with an extra bedroom or two; a new, larger kitchen, or even a games room.  Whatever you desire is possible; providing you adopt the right approach and consider the following points.


Once you have decided what you would like to put in your basement, it will be important to consider whether you should use the services of a professional firm, such as AGM Basement Renovations These firms will charge a fee which could make it more expensive than completing the basement renovation yourself.  However, this fee may be little more than the cost of your time and the materials you need to purchase.

Alongside this, a professional basement renovation firm will be aware of the usual issues and pitfalls that can happen when undertaking this sort of project.  This can help with the planning stage and reducing the amount of work needed.

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Reason for the Basement Renovation

The most obvious reason for a basement renovation is to increase the available space within your home.  If this is the case you should plan carefully what the additional space is most beneficial as before you do anything else.

However, if you plan to complete a basement renovation simply to add value you to your home then you may need to consider very carefully what the best use of this space is.  A nicely finished basement renovation will add little value to your property if the space is not usable by a prospective buyer.

A basement renovation can be completed instead of moving house to provide extra room and avoid hassle.  However this is not always the best idea; again, you must consider your options carefully.

The Cost

Once you have decided that the basement renovation project is the right one for you then you will need to consider how much your project is likely to cost.  The better the quality of the finish the higher the cost will be; however, the end result will look better if you have used a professional service.

You will need to establish your budget for the basement renovation and obtain several quotes to see if this is affordable.  If not you will need to adjust your plans or look at raising extra funds.   It is likely that a professional basement renovation firm will offer finance and this may be an option; depending upon your current situation.


Whilst a basement renovation project can add space and value to your home it is essential to consider the layout of your addition before you start.  This will ensure that all rooms are being used for the best possible purpose and the flow of the house is satisfactory.