Three Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Private School

Finding a private school for a child can be a difficult task. With so many schools offering different programs and benefits, narrowing it down can take some work. From private Christian schools in Georgia to prep schools up North, the schools should take into account the child’s needs. These five steps will help any parent choose a school that will help their children succeed.

  1. The Wish List

Choosing a private school requires an understanding of a child’s needs and a parent’s wishes for their child. This list helps narrow down the schools that a parent would look at when choosing a private institution for their child. Any school that does not fit the criteria would simply not be considered.

The wish list could take into account a multitude of things, such as religion, cost, commute time, extracurricular activities, college prep courses, and more.

For example, if a family is looking for a private Christian school K-12 in Atlanta, GA, that offers mission trips and a great art program, then that is the wish list criteria. The schools that embody these aspects would be the schools a parent should research.

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  1. Research Schools

Research is when parents look critically at the schools that have made the list. From learning about any awards the school has obtained to researching different teachers to learning extracurricular activities, this is the legwork of finding the perfect private school.

This is also when parents should choose what it is integral for their child. If a school has a great academic program and offers college prep courses but doesn’t have a great music program, a parent may decide academics is a requirement and music is a bonus.

Research can include a conversation with college prep counselors. A good resource is the school’s report card, which is delivered by the National Center for Education Statistics. A parent could even ask for recommendations from friends, such as looking for private Christian schools in Georgia.

  1. Visit Potential Schools

After a parent narrows down their selection to the top three, the last step is to visit the school. It’s best to visit with the child who would attend, so they get a glimpse into school life. If possible, the family should visit both on an open day and during normal school hours to get a sense of how the school operates.

Once the visits are completed, the parents and their children can make an informed decision. By including the child in the process, the parents will ensure their happiness at their new school. Through the hard work of choosing the right private school, a child’s educational future will be secured.