Top Celebrities you didn’t know with low net worth

Being a rich and famous person isn’t as glamorous as its made out to be, and rightly so. You can just go and ask these big people who might have made it big into the industry, but have squandered their riches to an extent that they have had to struggle financially in the big bad world that we live in, everyday of our lives.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s career took a 180-degree turn when the monstrosity of Mean Girls took to the cinemas, and took the world of high school-goers by storm. After her much talked about movie in 2004, it didn’t take long for her personal and professional life to catch up with her, and trouble started looming around the corner for Lohan, eating a big hole into her bank account. Her mad-partying ways, coupled with a series of bad decisions leading to a not-so-good reputation caused a steep decline in mainstream acting roles coming her way. In 2012, the IRS took control of the scarlet haired beauty’s funds to pay off her ever-increasing debts, leaving her with a paltry celebrity net worth of $500,000 today.


Mike Tyson

One of the most revered heavyweight champions of the world, and an occasional ear biter, Mike Tyson was once worth about $500 million at the height of his career. However, a series of unfortunate events hit the celebrity in the late 1980s, starting with his divorce from Robin Givens, giving his long time trainer Kevin Rooney the boot, etc. The last nail in the coffin was driven by his going to prison on charges of alleged rape, which made his net worth drop down heavier than the Sensex. The celebrity is now said to be worth a minimal amount of $3 million only.

Pamela Anderson

Although $5 million is no joke, for a celebrity like Pamela Anderson, it is nothing to be proud of, really. One of the most revered actresses to grace the covers of the infamous Playboy Magazine from time to time, such a low celebrity net worth is not what to expect from a star like her. People would think that the Baywatch star would have a heftier rainy-day sum stacked up somewhere, but the truth is as harsh and bitter as it can get.

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker is the ideal person to talk about, if the topic of discussion is money mismanagement. Known all over the world as Jackie Chan’s high-pitched sidekick from Rush Hour, the star was paid a hefty sum of $20 million for the first movie of the series, and he later negotiated a $40 million two-movie contract with New Line Cinema. However, Tucker is still worth only a minimal $11.5 million today, due to a lot of mismanaged expenses, like several years of back taxes and many foreclosed homes, despite having seen some extraordinary paydays. But all is not lost for the actor, who still plans to get himself up on the celebrity net worth chart, given his Friday sequel with Ice Cube happening soon.