Top song list of year 2014 to 16: updated playlist for club song lovers

The club songs have their own effect on its listener. The beats, music, lyric everything forces you to tap your foot on the floor. Music has been in everyone’s life for a long time. You are very well aware with the facts that music has its own charm especially dance songs. It’s a way for celebrating your happiness and enjoying your time. The music industry also knows the reasons, that’s why they are keep trying to do something differ that will entrain their listeners and for that they are planning to release best club songs 2017. But for now, here is a list of top clubs songs of last three years.

Playlist of dance club songs

Latest dance club songs 2017 are going to come, but before that let’s take a quick recap of best club songs.

Can’t stop the feeling! : Song that released on 6th may, 2016 that hits the top listed song in billboard hot 100. Not only that, but first also ranked number one in the American songs. Justin timberlake, singer and song writer of the song get a positive response from his audience as well as from critics. It also named as Justin’s biggest hit song in his singing career.

Big fun: this song is sung by inner city, an American music group in 1998. But it again released at the end of year 2014 and 2015 in different and new version. Its old version was a one of the biggest hit that scores rank one in dance charts songs USA and holds its position for three weeks

Aftermath (here we go): it’s collaboration between DJ Dave aude and English artist Andy bell. It was released in year 2014. It was a hit song that got its position is list of billboard dance clubs songs. Dave, who is a part of the song and also a producer, got positive response from their listeners,

Right now: this song was recorded in the voice of Mary j.Bling, an American singer. It was released on 24th November, 2014, composed by English musicians. It was a number one song that hit the billboards hot club dance song chart. Mary performed on this song on various stages and television serials and shows like later…withjools Holland and the Ellen DeGeneres show. It was a top most hit songs sung by Mary in her singing career.