Try something new using blenders

Types of ingredients to be used in preparing food in blenders

Smoothies are the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind whenever you think of recipes exclusive to blenders. But you should be aware of the fact that cooking is an art and items are not only limited to smoothies. There are a number of delicious items that you can make using the blenders. But since smoothies are the basic of those recipes so let’s concentrate on that firstly.

Different smoothies to be tried at least once

Smoothies can refresh your mind to a large extent after a busy and boring schedule. Who does not want a glass of it freshly made rather than buying readymade from shops? A fresh antioxidant fruit smoothie is a perfect solution on a scorching summer day recommended by medical experts.  Creamy smoothie using peach and ginger can help in reducing digestive issues. Kids always don’t like to eat bananas so parents can try a cool banana blast full of nutrition. Smoothies using slices of pineapples can saturate your desire for an ice cream. You must pick up the freshest organic items to make a smoothie. The nutrition value must be equally high. Milk and yoghurt can add up to those recipes. There are some attractive names of different smoothies that will surely catch your attention. Those are pomegranate-berry smoothie, banana-peanut butter smoothie, blackberry-apple smoothie, minty pear-honeydew smoothie, strawberry smoothie, vegetable smoothie, tropical mango smoothie, chocolate peanut butter green smoothie, carrot cake smoothie, fruit and yoghurt smoothie, blueberry muffin smoothie, raspberry green tea smoothie, coffee smoothie. So by now I hope it has enhanced your taste buds into making these smoothies.

Food items that are not to be missed even

Power blender recipes have no bound. Apart from numerous kinds of smoothies we also can cook other food items for day to day purpose or may be occasional reasons. Fresh homemade butter can be prepared instead of buying from market. Bread crumbs for breakfast can also be made along with scrambled eggs and jam. Mayonnaise, sauces, different types of batters and dough can be made easily. It can save your time if you are taking help from a blender.

Step by step procedures to prepare juices or smoothies

You must wash or clean raw fruits or vegetables under tap water because they were exposed to environment. Few fruits have hard peels or outer coverings so it is important to remove them to get the best results from using blenders. Pieces should be as small as possible and that also without the seeds as they can create a barrier in the fine texture of smoothie. Pour the necessary ingredients to the jar or pitch of the blender and add plain water for ease. Put the switch and blend it well. In the next step, separate the pulp from the mixture using filtration procedure. Ice cubes are recommended to be added in the mixture in order to enjoy the chilled smoothie and it tastes best when chilled. For garnishing purposes straws or little umbrellas can be put in the mug or glass to give a holiday-beach feelings to your mood. Slices of used fruits or vegetables can be inserted on the edges of the mug or glass to hint the drinker that what kind of smoothie he or she will be going to taste. Cramps of nuts, raisins, chocolate sauces, cherries can be dropped above the thick foamy mixture. This can make the drinker satisfied.

Difference between juices and smoothies

As the names are different therefore their nature and taste will also be different. Juices filter out most of the fibers or pulps that are discarded. It is in pure liquid state of matter. But smoothies are made by adding all the substances in the jar or pitcher. They both taste good and best when chilled .After the fruit slices are well processed inside the blenders the mixture is taken out. Smoothies are thicker in texture as it contains the fruit pulps and fibrous cellulose. But in case of juice those are filtered out and a thin liquid is the net result.

Steps to sharpen the blades of the blender

Old blenders can be present in any household but due to the passage of time it can be very natural that the machine is not giving its level best output so at that time the users should be careful enough to fix the problems of the blender. To sharpen the blades take a sharpening stone and rub it in different edges of the blades. The blades have different sides so make it sure that you leave no side untouched. Feel free to repeat the same procedure whenever you feel that the blades need to be sharpened.