Uber Ordered not to Use Tech taken from Waymo

When it comes to businesses, they are all very competitive and luckily the removing complaints from Google team can help. A lot of times competitors write negative reviews about their competitors causing consumers to switch brands and purchase from their competitor instead. There are several cases that this online reputation management company has seen.

Uber is not allowed to use technology that a key executive downloaded before he left Waymo, which is the autonomous car, company that spun off from Google. Waymo stated that it welcomed the order stopping Uber from using their stolen documents that contained trade secrets developed by Waymo through years of research. The whole deal is that Waymo is accusing Uber of self-driving car theft event though that this was not intended by the company. They simply didn’t get the memo that when they hired Levandowski, he possessed over 14,000 confidential Waymo files. Waymo is claiming that Uber has at least some information from those files or even the files themselves and Uber was ordered to return all downloaded materials to Waymo by May 31.

Uber does have future plans for self-driving vehicles therefore are pleased that the courts allow them to continue doing their self-driving car research independently. This will include its Lidar innovations and they look forward to being able to build this type of technology on their own from the ground up. The company has been under attack with their reputation lately and a lot of the media has put focus to Uber. Uber’s self-driving car program according to their CEO is the key to the company’s future.

Now it is announced that Waymo is teaming up to test autonomous vehicles with Lyft, which is Uber’s competitor. This will become a potential challenge for Uber and can potentially put them out of business.