What Are Spagyrics?

Spagyrics aren’t a special type of pasta. This particular homeopathic medicine was originally derived from the ash plant. The mineral components of the ash plant were fermented, distilled and extracted. Today, spagyric is a process used to extract various plant components.

Spagyric products sold today use the old alchemical preparation of herbs. Generally, this means the herbs are more potent than if they would undergo more modern processes. Previously, spagyricwas considered to be a spiritual process. This is because in alchemy, everything is made up of three elements: sulfur, mercury and sodium. Sulfur represents the soul while mercury symbolizes the spirit. Sodium stands for the body. In terms of water, earth and fire, mercury is the water element. The salt is the earth element while the sulfur is the fire element.

Alcohol Extraction
As previously mentioned, alcohol extraction is the first step of spagyrics. The extraction process is conducted through organic grape alcohol. This particular alcohol extracts the minerals quickly and efficiently to create high-potency products. The process is conducted under a vacuum, so heat isn’t applied to the plant since heat is damaging to many plant-based ingredients. The alcohol dissolves essential oils. It’s added to the process in an equal ratio to the plant components.

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Extraction Process
After the alcohol extraction, the solution is poured off. The remaining tincture must be placed in a dark area because of its light-sensitive elements. The next process consists of the plant extract being burnt and reduced to remove the minerals within the substance. The herb becomes a white ash, which consists of water-soluble mineral salts. Next, the ash is combined with distilled water in order to dissolve the minerals. Filtration is required, and the evaporation must occur to obtain the crystallized mineral salts.

Recombination Process
The final step to the process consists of collecting the salts and recombining them with the part of the plant made previously. During this process, the tincture has all of its elements: oils, acids and minerals. Although it seems like the tincture is basically the same as before the process, the contents are now more potent. Additionally, it’s purer. The plant extract was originally oil soluble only. Throughout the process, the minerals and other plant elements were converted into a solution that’s now water soluble. The finished product is more effective than a standard plant extract.

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