When Did The Famous Sausages Of The Milwaukee Brewers First Appear?

The Milwaukee Brewers is one of the most famous NBA teams in the state of Wisconsin. This team is well-loved by fans not only in the USA but across the world as well. When it comes to its origins, you will find that this team started off as an expansion team way back in the late 1960’s.

The advent of Bernie Brewer – the first official mascot for the team

Like all expansion teams, it never used to attract crowds at Miller Park where its home games were played. It was in 1970, that an elderly fan called Milt Mason decided to step in and change the destiny of the team. In order to attract crowds to their home games, he sat atop the scoreboard for over 40 days with a vow to attract more than 40,000 spectators. His wish came true and on the 40th day with a home win, he slid down the rope of the scoreboard and sustained burns on his hands and legs. He recovered and was a permanent fixture at all the matches of The Milwaukee Brewers till his death in 1973. In honor of his loyalty, the team modeled their official mascot after him and Bernie Brewer was born!

The appearance of the racing sausages

Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of The Milwaukee Brewers and he keeps track of their updates and news. He also has a keen interest in the past of his favorite Wisconsin teams that also include the Green Bay Packers and The Milwaukee Bucks. He says that Bernie Brewer was an instant hit however fans of this team were in for another treat when the racing sausages appeared for the first time in 1993.

These adorable sausages- Brat, Hot Dog, Polish, Italian and Chorizo race each other at live matches live. Originally, they were mere animations that appeared on the scoreboard of matches. However, an idea presented by graphic designer Michael Dillon to the Vice President of Operations of the team Gabe Paul changed its history. He suggested that the animated characters should race on the field live. In 1993, when the scoreboard showed these animated characters, the doors of the stadium opened and out popped three racing sausages. The fans and the players were pleasantly surprised to see these life like sausages racing one another. Originally, there were three sausages and they were Polish, Italian and Brat.

With the passage of time the racing sausages were joined by Chorizo and Hot Dog. Now, along with Bernie Brewer, these adorable characters are popular mascots of the team as well. Children love them and eagerly await the race as well. Sandy Petrocelli says today these sausages do not only appear in the matches played by the team but they make frequent appearances at charitable events. The sausages are loved and respected for their jolly nature as they race one another at home games. The Milwaukee Brewers is one team that is not only loved for its players but for its running sausages as well!