Why Is Water So Important For Bodybuilding?

Water is the second most important element to life after oxygen. The body can survive for 8 weeks without food, but merely days without water. The body and all organs are comprised mainly of water, making the average person about 60-75{1973852c3d03fa9c7b89cf4e32c90950349d2a7529a1646edaa4b9e79bec0c07} water.

Water helps our digestive system with the absorption of nutrients, it is involved in the regulation of body temperature and blood circulation, it helps in the transport of nutrients and oxygen to cells, and removes waste products from the body. Alongside these functions, water also helps to reduce wear on joints, providing lubrication and cushioning, including the spinal cord. Without sufficient water supply (dehydration), we open up our bodies to many kinds of problems.

Hydration in bodybuilding

The main function of water is its role in the temperature regulation of the body. You generate heat when you train, and there are numerous mechanisms that the body calls upon to lose heat. A significant method of cooling for your body is sweating. During prolonged exercise, it is possible to lose as much as two liters of sweat every hour. This would be ideal for keeping you cool, but unfortunately not all of the sweat evaporates, and some of it drops off the skin and is wasted.

Another reason why water is important to bodybuilders is due to the fact that when we dehydrate, our body’s solution loses viscosity, which, in turn, reduces the efficiency of the protein and enzyme functions of the body. Lack of water means you will not be able to break down food easily and efficiently.

How do you know if you are drinking an adequate amount?

The problem is how do we know if we are well hydrated? The body loses nearly 6 pints of water per day under average conditions. Most water is lost through urination and this is the best way to gauge your level of hydration. By observing the quantity and color of your urine you can roughly measure how well hydrated you are. When the urine is dark and produced in small quantities, you know you are dehydrated.

How much should a bodybuilder drink?

You, as a bodybuilder, are far more active physically and maybe bigger than the average person; thus your body will lose a much greater percentage of fluid through perspiration. If you take supplements, then you should drink plenty of water to avoid physical side effects.

Final note

Do not wipe sweat off during training (unless it is getting in your eyes), and splashing water on the skin is also a useful way to aid the loss of heat through evaporation. Wear light and comfortable clothing, to help your body keep cool and avoid heavy sweaters and thick training bottoms.