Zimbabwe to host Worship and Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Christ Embassy Online International has a vision to take the Word of God to the world, online and in person. The website states what the mission, purpose, and vision of the church is, as well as the Statement of Faith. The Church has several programs, one of which is the youth part, The Believers’ Loveworld Campus Ministry. The BLW Ministry is in spreading in countries in Europe, North America, West, Eastern, and Southern regions of Africa, Australia, The Middle East, and South East Asia. The Church has a Healing School and an International School of Ministry where those interested can be equipped and trained to minister to others. There is also an Inner City Mission for Children that helps provides clothing, food, medicine, and places to stay. Through the network of partners, volunteers, and missionaries, this program teaches others to help themselves if possible, in cities across Nigeria, and several other areas in Africa. The mission is to break the seemingly endless cycle of child poverty. The church’s website has daily devotional readings, live television classrooms with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and online, sending prayer requests, donations, special messages, and news and events coming up. There is a Resource Center for further study, reflection, and training. At the center of this church is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

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Pastor Chris has an amazing ministry that has spanned over 25 years and he is not just a pastor, but a healer, teacher, best-selling author, as well as television host. His book, Rhapsody of Realities, is the number one daily devotional worldwide, being distributed in over 242 countries and in over 402 languages. He presides over a network of campus fellowships and Christ Embassy Churches on all five continents, in addition to being pastor of one of the largest congregations in Africa and Pastor Chris’s healing and teaching crusades such as the Higher Life conference and Night of Bliss, draw crowds of over 3.5 million in a single night. Pastor Chris is the first to start a 24-hour Christian Network in 2003, from Africa to go worldwide. Chris Oyakhilome currently has 3 satellite stations; LoveWorld TV in the UK, LoveWorld PLUS in Nigeria, and LoveWorld SAT in South Africa, reaching millions more people and even on mobile app. Chris Oyakhilome hosts a television show called, Atmosphere for Miracles, and airs on major television stations worldwide. Pastor Chris also established the International School of Ministry and the Inner City Mission of Christ Embassy, to further reach out to others.

On May 7th, 2017, everyone who registers is invited to attend a special worship and communion service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at 2PM at the National Sports Stadium, in Harare, Zimbabwe in person or online. For those who want to attend, you must register to receive an access ticket to the live venue, live attendance at one of the viewing centers, online streaming through, or through a channel on the CELIX mobile app. Pastor Chris takes seriously what the Bible says in Mark 16:15 ‘…Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’