15 Of the Best Revision Techniques

Revising for university can take many formats, the majority of which are based upon the need of the task that has been set, i.e. exams, essays, or portfolios. These three examples represent only a small selection of the assignments that students may be asked to complete; however they also provide an insight in to how essay writing services UK manage their own workloads. Below are some tried and tested best revision techniques that are used by assignment writers.

1: Effective Timelines are an excellent way for not only getting started and also managing the overall project. This includes setting realistic goals, as well as the length of revision periods (some suggest 45 minute bursts are ideal because of cognitive functioning – see a psychologist or neurologist for a more in-depth rationale!)Image result for 15 Of the Best Revision Techniques

2: Balance your Subject Area through beginning the structuring of any submission as soon as it is received. This practice is one that assignment writers conduct as a matter of course.

3: Identifying the Core Topic Areas at the earliest opportunity is an excellent way in which assignment writers for essay writing services UK manage their workload

4: The three practices, above, can be complimented by Arranging any revision materials that have been provided to you. This can be done by separating and collating lecture notes, handouts, tutor feedback from previous submissions, core literature and key texts et al. into a manageable resource library

5: Students who arrange their revision materials effectively will also be skilled at note-taking and note making in seminars and lectures

6: Roman Rooms (heard of it? No? Didn’t think so!) is also a great skill to learn when studying for exams, note-free presentations and Q&A’s.

7: Other types of memorising can be undertaken by creating spider graphs, mind maps, and link charts.

8: Students are also encouraged to analyse their assignment question. This means assessing the structure and wording of the question, looking at, for example, evidence of key terms, ambiguities, and compare and contrast because these can help to structure the resultant essay.

9: Create a Glossary of Exam Terms, as well as access and understand those that are used within your higher educational institution and University.

10: When reviewing key texts and literature look for controversial themes and arguments. The identification and inclusion of these in a submission can benefit the level of analysis that makes the difference between a 2:2, 2:1, and that 1st that everyone should strive towards.

11: Where controversies have been identified it is possible to combine these with the content of mind maps so that you can Develop your Own Ideas. This practice is tried and tested by assignment writers who work within the essay writing services UK sector and is a tried and tested study tool.

12: When taking an exam it is beneficial to practice exams using Test Conditions. This means setting an alarm and sitting in silence, with no resources, and no distractions as would be the case in an actual exam.

13: It is during these practice times that students may feel sufficiently confident to develop their own ideas. These should be in context with the subject area and, where appropriate, be backed by the core literature. This does not mean, in the first instance, developing your own academic frameworks but seeing where theory and practice can be merged through, for example, using case studies and real life events to back up an argument.

14: If we were to ask an educational psychologist for a good tip, they will probably say that a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is beneficial as revision technique. In fact, assignment writers need, as part of their day job, PMA in order to work successfully on an ongoing basis.

15: Finally, it is important to Revisit your revisions, your draft papers, and your techniques before any big exams or submissions. Rechecking your knowledge levels and your practices means that you will not be lulled into a false sense of security, or give yourself fake personal credibility. Failure to adhere to this will ultimately erode that important PMA. This practice regularly forms part of assignment writers reviews of their own work and is an essential part of working within the essay writing services UK sector.


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