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Skateboard Grip Tape: What is it, how to apply it and maintenance

If you are just getting into skateboarding and having a hard time doing tricks, it’s probably because your board doesn’t have a grip tape. The grip tape is an after market product that is applied on top of your skate board to give you better grip and secure footing. Before going into the details, you might want to look into Jessup skateboard grip tape as a first choice for its quality, ease of use and aesthetic appeal.

What is Grip Tape Exactly?

Grip tape looks a lot like sandpaper and is designed that way to provide friction and resistance between the bottom of your shoes and the deck of your skateboard. It is made out of silicon carbide which provides sufficient friction needed to do tricks including catching air with your skateboard.

Not all grip tapes are the same. There is a variety of graphics, prints and colors to choose from to match your personality and taste.

The standard product is available in 9 X 33 inches which should fit your skateboard. If your board is longer or wider than normal ones, there are also larger sheets available for use.

You may see ultra-rough grip tape which can be tempting. Unless you are a professional skateboarder, this product is not necessary. Rougher surface means more friction but also means faster wear and tear on the soles of your shoes.


How to Apply Skateboard Grip Tape

The grip tape works just the same way as applying wallpaper. Just be sure to do it slowly to avoid air bubbles. There are products specifically made to avoid air bubbles all together (anti-bubble tape) in case you are unsure of your DIY skills. Either way, you can make a small cut in the air bubble to let the air out in case you encounter this problem. Applying grip tape is very easy and straightforward or you could ask a friend with more skateboarding experience to help you.

Maintaining your Grip Tape

Like most things in life, there will come a time when your skateboard grip tape is too worn to be useful. If you notice that your tricks don’t go quite as smoothly as they initially did, the grip tape is probably worn. Another common sign is the grip tape is smooth to the touch.

Replacing is a simple and straightforward process. Simply blow hot air onto the old tape with a hair dyer to loosen the adhesive. Peel it off and replace with a new one.

If you are making a natural progression to doing tricks on your skateboard, grip tape can make a world of difference. Make sure you get the right brand otherwise you are wasting money on a product that doesn’t work.


Tips to Prepare for a University Fair

There is a veritable boat load of questions one might have about universities. There are questions about admissions, study options, graduate careers, the list goes on. Luckily, there are university fairs. These are great ways to meet university representatives. If you would like to get the absolute most out of your fair experience, try these tips.

1. Look into your study options

Don’t attend the event blind. Take the time to research the study options available to you. Going in cold means you’ll have no choice but to ask questions you could have answered online. Doing your research means you’ll be able to ask more advanced questions, getting more detailed information in the process.

2. Bring things with which to take notes

Although university fairs are bound to have plenty of promotional merchandises such as sticky notepads and promotional plastic pen, make sure to bring a notepad and writing utensil of your own too. Human beings never remember things as well as they think they will. Make sure to bring a bag along as well. You’ll no doubt receive a large number of pamphlets and info packages and having a bag will make it easier to carry them.

3. Ensure you have questions prepared

As you’re researching information, make sure to come up with a few questions to ask. These questions could be about specific situations or just a list of general topics you’d like more information about like tuition fees or admission requirements. Try not to over-stuff your questions list. Keep things clean and concise, no more than five points at most. This helps you get through the most important questions.

4. Familiarise yourself with the schedule before you go

Make sure to double check the final schedule a few days before the event. Note the start times of presentations or panels that you don’t want to miss and make sure you’ve got them written down. Doing so will help you keep track of things more easily.

5. Familiarise yourself with the area as soon as you arrive

Take the time to learn the area. When you get to the venue, you’ll receive a floor plan. Use this to plan your route through the building. That way, you know how to best get to the panels you want to attend.

6. Keep your options open

You should absolutely have an idea of what you would like to pursue but don’t let that stop you from exploring other options. You never know what might appeal to you if you’re willing to keep an open mind. You might discover the best path forward is a path you’d never even known about before. Remember that everyone is at the fair specifically to enrol students.

7. Talk to other candidates if possible

University fairs may exist so you can meet university admissions representatives but that doesn’t mean you can’t find information on other places. If you get the chance, try to have a chat with other people there to ask questions. They may have questions or other insights that you hadn’t considered. You never know what you might not know, after all.

8. Don’t lose track of time

It’s easy to get caught up in a conversation but don’t let that distract you from your goal. Consider how long you might need to tie up loose ends and set an alarm for each segment you want to attend. And of course, if you’ve familiarised yourself with the schedule, you’ll have an easier time keeping track of things.

9. Consider bringing someone else along

Most university fairs encourage prospective students to bring guests. After all, having a partner can help you keep track of information and help you stay on task.

10. Make sure to market yourself

Don’t forget, the representatives are there to look for top prospects. Think about how you present yourself and what kind of impression you’re trying to make.

And of course, the work doesn’t end when the fair ends. You’ll need to spend quite a bit of time sorting through the information you’ve gotten. You’re going to be making a big decision and it’s important to learn everything you can so you can make a good one.


US and China Labor Unions

In a country where workers haven’t any actual right to arrange a union, they face an ever falling widespread of living.  The workers’ attempts to arrange impartial unions are confronted with repression – 25{1973852c3d03fa9c7b89cf4e32c90950349d2a7529a1646edaa4b9e79bec0c07} of the organizations illegally hearth workers who try and prepare; lively union supporters certainly have a 1 in five possibilities of being fired; over half of the organizations threaten to have undocumented, foreign employees deported throughout organizing campaigns; over 1/2 of the businesses threaten to close the plant if it’s far prepared, and nearly half of agencies which are unionized never attain a hard work agreement with the union.

Chinese government detained seven labor activists inside the southern province of Guangdong, alleging that they were “inciting employees to head on strike,” and “traumatic public order,” among different accusations. But rights agencies have criticized the move as part of the authorities’ crackdown on the United States of America’s developing labor activism. Hard work disputes have been at the upward thrust in China in current years, as a slowing economic system has caused an increase in people’ layoffs. However, this dismal scenario for labor rights on this use of the U.S. labor movement is fixated on vilifying China and its human and labor rights state of affairs as a cover for defensive U.S. workers from competition from albeit a good deal lower paid Chinese people.

Of route, U.S. exertions have each proper, and indeed a duty, to protect the employees it represents. Notwithstanding the lack of sturdy and unbiased unions, China’s workers have emerged as an increasing number of capable of organizing exertions movements. This fashion may be in particular observed amongst migrant people toiling in factories concentrated in the kingdom’s coastal regions. But, the obsession with China as a financial rival – an obsession which every so often devolves into a racist stigmatization of the Chinese humans themselves — is a distraction from the real and most urgent problems of U.S. employees:  the ever growing financial and power disparity among capital and people in this united states of America, and a prison regime in the U.S. which handiest encourages this disparity.

China desires a U.S.-fashion labor regulation, the argument is going, a good way to manage its people higher and to gain the kind of compliant and acquiescent paintings force we see in this united state – a team of workers which keeps seeing it’s popular of residing drop further and further with barely a peep in reaction. China thinks that its miles first-rate to position stress on U.S. corporations doing business in China to treat their Chinese language workers higher and to provide them with better wages and advantages.

In an instance, Walmart, the American employee institution, has taken the uncommon step of collaborating with a collection of Chinese Wal-Mart workers seeking to combat paintings time table adjustments and low wages. Walmart and the Wal-Mart Chinese workers Association (WCWA) discussed a method for recent strikes in China. The U.S. employer is keen to hold the relationship with the WCWA and believes such partnerships can boost the clout of the retailer’s international workforce.

Wal-Mart declined to comment on the collaboration amongst worker organizations in each country, even though the company did address the scheduling dispute in China. Big American unions have supported exertions moves in some elements of across the world the years but now not in China; thinking about the Nanking massacre. Many U.S. employees and union advocates have traditionally viewed workers in other nations as competition for jobs and the most effective legal labor business enterprise in China is the country-subsidized All-China Federation of exchange Unions that is widely considered an arm of the ruling Communist party. Neither Walmart nor Chinese employees’ agencies have much leverage to pressure adjustments at the behemoth retailer.

The U.S. organization has no collective bargaining rights and it gives employees unfastened voluntary memberships. Walmart cites the latest success in helping to push Walmart last year to raise the minimum wage $10-an-hour. But that trade came amid a national push through a few major cities, politicians and labor unions for large minimum wage hikes.



Drunk Driving – Never Put Your Life at Risk

Sometimes, an individual’s wrong decision and action jeopardize not only his life and future but also severely affects others’. Take the case of drunk driving that puts the life of drivers and even others on road at high risk. It requires high skill, heavy concentration, clear vision and correct perception to drive safely. If you drive in a tipsy condition, it will affect all those qualities required for safe driving.

“I’ve done it several times and nothing happened”, you may yell at someone warning you about drunk driving. You may take pride in your ‘no accident’ records even after gulping down your favourite drinks. However, that pride and cry don’t change the reality that drunk driving kills people – not only the drivers but also other passengers in the car and on the road.

It Affects Your Decision Making Ability

Alcohol clouds your judgement and perception of death, thereby affecting your driving skills in an adverse way. The drunk persons have a common perception that they are doing fine while sitting behind the driver’s’ wheel but in reality, they are not. Abnormal behavioural pattern induced by alcohol never ensures normal vision, right judgement and safe driving. As a result, you are likely to meet an accident, injure yourself and even kill someone.

Statistics about Drunk Driving

Drunk driving has a fair share in total number of car accident cases. According to a 2015 report, alcohol-impaired driving was responsible for 10, 265 deaths, which was almost one-third of total traffic related accidental deaths in America.


Your car will be stopped on the ground of suspicious driving and perked on the side. If you smell of odour of alcohol, your speeches are slurred and you exhibit incoherent behaviour, you will be asked to go through field sobriety testing followed by breathalyzer test. Any failure to prove your driving skills and judgement of safe driving will require you to undergo BAC (Blood Alcohol Count) test.

The upper limit as set by DUI/DWI laws varies in different states of America. In most of the states, the limit is 10{1973852c3d03fa9c7b89cf4e32c90950349d2a7529a1646edaa4b9e79bec0c07} but some states have set the limit at 0.08{1973852c3d03fa9c7b89cf4e32c90950349d2a7529a1646edaa4b9e79bec0c07}. If your test result crosses this specified legal limit, it is certain that you will be taken for a ride in police car, put behind the bars at least for a night and slapped with a DUI/DWI charge. IF the charge is proved, you will face imprisonment, fine and revoke of your driving license. Remember that all 50 states in America have vowed to take stringent actions in DUI/DWI cases.

If it is your first-time offence, the driving license will be cancelled for one year. In case of multiple DUIs, the most stringent punishment, within the ambit of laws, will be meted to the at-fault driver.


DUI and DWI are often used interchangeably but it is wrong.  DUI stands for driving under the influence while DWI is the condensed form of driving while intoxicated. However, in both cases, zero tolerance is showed to the culprit. The violators of safe driving are imprisoned and punished accordingly.

A drunk driving accident lawyer is available to defend you in the court and try to lessen your punishment or even get you acquitted of the charge. But isn’t prevention better than cure? Hire a cab if you are drunk. ‘Live & Let Live’ – start believing in the mantra!


Political Campaign, Business, Real estates and many other ways of using Car Magnets

Vehicle Magnets can be utilized to advance quite recently the business as an element, a particular administration, or just to make an organization’s essence felt by utilizing a logo or a picture that speaks to it. Attractive Car Signs can likewise be utilized to remain in solidarity with nearby causes, to advance a particular occasion or just as stock Any business should utilize each accessible medium to connect with its gathering of people, to pass on their message, to advertise its items and benefits or to stay noticeable however much as could be expected. Little to medium organizations don’t have the budgetary extravagance to create plugs, to enlist extensive bulletins at vital areas or on huge scale computerized promoting efforts. One needs to utilize natural means and moderate mediums. Auto signs or vehicle magnets are a reasonable, successful and versatile approach to make a specific level of inescapability.

Our vehicle magnets are an ideal answer for your promoting needs when you’re in a hurry! Our 3 mm matte attractive material is made to last and is connected with an exceptional covering to avert harm to your vehicle’s paint work. Every Custom Car Magnet is carefully imprinted in full shading and can join custom pictures and illustrations.


Auto Magnets are an extraordinary, financially savvy approach to get the word out for your business. Once your magnet gets on that auto, you now have a moving promotion that goes any place a vehicle can. The magnets we utilize are auto safe so your autos complete won’t be staged. Our Yard Signs can likewise loan some assistance with publicizing your business, particularly with the help of H-wires. We additionally have incredible arrangements on our frill page for whatever else you may need to help advance your business.

For Campaign

Jersey Shore Vehicle Lettering welcome the way that will be occupied with your crusade, hashing out the subtle elements, so we found the ideal answer for keep you in the diversion. You should simply drive. Battle Car Magnets are an extraordinary approach to keep you applicable and your crusade on move. Our auto magnets can be put on an auto, taken off, and set back again with no issue. We can comprehend in case you’re stressed over the magnets perhaps peeling off your auto’s paint. That is the reason we test our magnets to ensure they won’t bring any anxiety your way; just voters. Battle yard signs can likewise help surrender you a leg on the opposition. Look at our extras page for any very late things you may require.

Real Estates

Vehicle magnets are an incredible approach to publicize your land organization. It resembles having a portable board. How cool is that? The greater part of our magnets is tried so you know your autos complete is protected when it’s an ideal opportunity to take that magnet off. Try to get yourself some land yard signs to stay with your significant. They’re likewise useful for telling potential purchasers which properties are accessible, sold, or bonded. Look at a few assistants to complete your request.


7 Mesmerizing Gifts for the Ravishing Sisters

In case you and your sister cannot meet each other crossing the great geographical distance, she must be busy with online rakhi shopping for you. As she is searching for the best rakhi thread for you, you can also gear up and find some beautiful gifts for her. Here are some of the gift options which you can check online or offline and surprise your sister on 7th August 2017.

Terracotta Utensils: She is simply going to love the terracotta utensils. Plates, bowls, spoons, forks, and even frying pans are also available in terracotta and they look really lovely and cool. The mechanism of terracotta was invented in our land and in case your sister is away from India, you must gift her this one. There would be an amazing touch of nostalgia in this gift. When she would enjoy an Indian festival in a foreign land, these utensils would garner quite an appreciation.

Personalized Photo Frame: You must have numerous photographs together since childhood. Many of your childhood photographs must have become yellow and brown also! So, retrieve those photographs and transfer them into a beautiful collage to put in a personalized photo frame. She would get a glimpse of the childhood and numerous other stories of your adventurous childhood would come alive in her memory again. She would thank you truly for this wonderful choice of gift. Give her an emotional gift this year which would say how much miss her and those golden days!

Antique Clock: While she is preparing for the online rakhi delivery in Singapore for you, your gift for her also has to be equally enchanting. How about an antique clock? There is something nostalgic in this kind of clock. Perhaps you have seen it in your grandpa’s village house when you visited there long ago in childhood or adolescence. The huge antique clocks look really fascinating. As an item in your drawing room, this clock would get much appreciation. If your sister is really in awe of the old world charm and has decorated her whole house like an old Zamindar Villa, this gift would simply enchant her.

Madhubani Painting: Madhubani painting is a pride of our country. This art originated in Bihar. The interesting play of color makes it a lovely item to be kept at home. If your sister is artistic by nature, she would definitely love something that is an epitome of excellence in art. You would get this kind of painting in various sizes. So, just choose the correct one and surprise her. It can be kept in the library or the TV room and would add a lot of vibrancy to the ambience.

Spa Basket: It really takes a lot for a girl to maintain her beauty. Walking into a parlor once or twice a month is necessary. You can make her work a bit easier by presenting a basket full with spa materials like lotions, face mask, hair pack, essential oils or floral oils. She can use them at home and feel rejuvenated.

It is the time of Raksha Bandhan and that’s why you must engage yourself into online rakhi shopping and buy lovely gifts for the best sister in the world.



How to select the best rc drift car?

We often wonder what type of car they ought to get to ramble on. The solution is simple. Get any electrical four wheel drive touring car, make stray tires for it and go out and wander! Although on full-size best rc drift car it’s ideal to utilize a rear wheel drive car, that doesn’t hold true for RC Drifting.

An excellent genuine four wheel drive touring car will run you over 100 Dollars. If you wish to obtain a better bargain, check eBay and search around for one. RC is a hobby a good deal of folks get really into for a while but then stop and auction off most of their stuff. You can get excellent deals at these auctions. There are obviously $500+ cars you can purchase but as an entry level driver and drifter.

In case you have something new to utilize and drive, then there are lots of drift individual packages it is possible to start looking for. Yokohama, HPI, Tamiya and Team Losi are offering automobiles made mainly to ramble in. The thing with purchasing these is they aren’t anything aside from the single touring car that’s had minimal if any adjustments made to it to create it “Drift Specific” Save a little cash to use on a much better motor and speed controller and radio and purchase the normal touring car.

You will first require an electric rate control that could handle plenty of stress. Be certain that you get one that is rated down to 17t. Regarding motor choice, you need one with much more torque than top end speed. A fantastic alternative is going to be any 27 turn motor. I strongly suggest the trinity monster horsepower stock edition. This is a quick, tight engine you’ll have the ability to drift incredibly well with.

Provided that you’ve got an excellent idea on how much these cars usually opt for, you will have the ability to control just how much cash bid over the best rc drift car you would like.


When Did The Famous Sausages Of The Milwaukee Brewers First Appear?

The Milwaukee Brewers is one of the most famous NBA teams in the state of Wisconsin. This team is well-loved by fans not only in the USA but across the world as well. When it comes to its origins, you will find that this team started off as an expansion team way back in the late 1960’s.

The advent of Bernie Brewer – the first official mascot for the team

Like all expansion teams, it never used to attract crowds at Miller Park where its home games were played. It was in 1970, that an elderly fan called Milt Mason decided to step in and change the destiny of the team. In order to attract crowds to their home games, he sat atop the scoreboard for over 40 days with a vow to attract more than 40,000 spectators. His wish came true and on the 40th day with a home win, he slid down the rope of the scoreboard and sustained burns on his hands and legs. He recovered and was a permanent fixture at all the matches of The Milwaukee Brewers till his death in 1973. In honor of his loyalty, the team modeled their official mascot after him and Bernie Brewer was born!

The appearance of the racing sausages

Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of The Milwaukee Brewers and he keeps track of their updates and news. He also has a keen interest in the past of his favorite Wisconsin teams that also include the Green Bay Packers and The Milwaukee Bucks. He says that Bernie Brewer was an instant hit however fans of this team were in for another treat when the racing sausages appeared for the first time in 1993.

These adorable sausages- Brat, Hot Dog, Polish, Italian and Chorizo race each other at live matches live. Originally, they were mere animations that appeared on the scoreboard of matches. However, an idea presented by graphic designer Michael Dillon to the Vice President of Operations of the team Gabe Paul changed its history. He suggested that the animated characters should race on the field live. In 1993, when the scoreboard showed these animated characters, the doors of the stadium opened and out popped three racing sausages. The fans and the players were pleasantly surprised to see these life like sausages racing one another. Originally, there were three sausages and they were Polish, Italian and Brat.

With the passage of time the racing sausages were joined by Chorizo and Hot Dog. Now, along with Bernie Brewer, these adorable characters are popular mascots of the team as well. Children love them and eagerly await the race as well. Sandy Petrocelli says today these sausages do not only appear in the matches played by the team but they make frequent appearances at charitable events. The sausages are loved and respected for their jolly nature as they race one another at home games. The Milwaukee Brewers is one team that is not only loved for its players but for its running sausages as well!


Tips for Batam Vacation Based on Map Batam Island

Office workers have a lot of pressure these days due to the high demand of fast, perfect, and highly productive work. With this condition, vacation becomes an essential need for everyone to make them stay sane in this crazy world. There is a lot of tourist destination that you can choose for your vacation, but the island of Batam, Indonesia, should be put on your list. Batam is a part of Riau Province, Indonesia, and one of 2400 islands that shape the archipelago province. The chain of islands that form this province extends from Sumatra Island to South China Sea. There are six Batam ferry terminal that connect this island with Tanah Merah port in Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Those ferry terminals are located at Telaga Punggur, Sekupang, Batam Center, Nongsapura, Waterfront City, and Harbour Bay. Most tourist that visit this island is Singaporean, as it only takes 45 minutes of pleasant journey from Singapore port.

In this article, we will give some tips about the things that you can do in Batam based on map Batam Island. Those activities are listed below:

  • Visiting Abang Island: this small island is very popular among divers due to its magnificent underwater coral reef. This island is considered as the most beautiful diving spots in Batam. For snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, this place is certainly a must-visit. It is recommended to visit this island around April to August because of its smaller waves and calmer current.
  • Doing Watersports: the best part of Batam is its watersports. Compared to Sentosa Beach Resort in Singapore in term of facilities, Batam watersports may be slightly worse. But if we are talking about the price, watersports in Batam is certainly a lot of cheaper, especially with its water skiing and wakeboarding facilities. The recommended place to try watersports is Batam Cable Ski Park, which offer snorkeling, canoeing, and jet skiing. Batam View Beach Resort is also recommended.
  • Exploring Anambas Islands: The Island is included in CNN’s Asia Best Tropical Island in 2013, making the islands is worth to be visited, despite located pretty far from Batam’s main island. It offers beautiful diving spots, sandy beaches, and coconut trees. You can also see the endangered turtle species in the islands. For those who seek for adventure, this island is the best place to visit.
  • Going to Stilt House of Batam: back then, many houses in Batam were constructed on stilts above water. At the older part of Batam and several villages nearby the main city, you are able to find several of these houses. One of the recommended old villages that you can visit to see this old architecture is a fishing village named Tanjung Uma.

The list on previous paragraph is some Batam travel guide that you can follow while spending your free time in Batam. You do not have to worry about choosing this island as your vacation destination, because this island will give you the best getaway, unforgettable memories, and precious experience for your dream vacation.


The Advantages Of Nitrogen Generators

For once or even more than once in our life, we have probably heard of nitrogen generators and things about it. This is no longer a surprise because a lot of things that we enjoy and industries that we are using nowadays are actually harnessing the benefits derived from nitrogen generators. Hence, making nitrogen generators an indispensable part of our daily lives to have better lives.

More so, there are plenty of advantages that we can take note of when it comes to the uses of nitrogen generators in our daily lives in the world that we are now living in. Some of which are directly the result of nitrogen generators while there are also some which are a direct result of the benefits that we can derive from nitrogen generator. Here are some of the advantages that all of us must at least acknowledge when it comes to nitrogen generators.

Economic benefits

Compared to the adsorption or cryogenic systems which are kind of out-of-date already, substituting it with nitrogen will mean that the savings can result to at least 50{1973852c3d03fa9c7b89cf4e32c90950349d2a7529a1646edaa4b9e79bec0c07} of the cost of operations. Moreover, it is also noticeable that the cost of producing nitrogen gas is much lower compared with those of liquefied or cylinder nitrogen. Hence, industries are able to save more to their cost of operations. This is also the same reason why many industries are already transferring to using nitrogen generators because of the added benefits that they can get plus the savings that is readily available.

Module design

Let us accept it that our generation right now is very much particular with the ease when it comes to the use of a specific thing. And nitrogen generator is not an exception to that. The design of the nitrogen generator is very simple that it can be dissected into modules. For this reason, it can be understood and operated without too much hassle. With a modular approach, the nitrogen generator can easily be incorporated into an existing equipment which is very beneficial not just in reducing the cost but also doing away with the waste in equipment in the long run.


If we are going to be quite technical, the nitrogen generator or the gas separation units are known to have no parts or components that are moving. For this reason, it only means that is exceptionally reliable and is also safe to use. Using nitrogen generators, specifically, the membranes is just synonymous to using a generator which is highly resistant when it comes to shocks as well as vibrations, chemically motionless in the presence of grease, not sensitive to moisture, and is also able to operate in a wide variety of temperature. Additionally, if these nitrogen generators are just provided with the right care and maintenance, it can even last up to 15-20 years.

All of these advantages are now made available for you. But these can even be achieved by getting nitrogen generators from the leading provider such Claind which has been in the industry for 30 years alread.