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Mental Health Crowdfunding: Areas in Which This Practice Can Help Mental Health Patients


Crowdfunding India has started gaining popularity in India, owing to its easy functioning and quick results. But though medical and creative interests are being crowdfunded for on a large scale, especially on our platform, crowdfunding for mental health still lags behind. Several factors are responsible for this- lack of awareness about mental health, the prevailing stigma attached to mental health patients, etc. But there is a need for people to accept that mental illnesses are equivalent to physical medical conditions.


According to a report by the Economic Times, costs related to mental health account for 20% of the economic burden in India. Clearly, the costs for mental health treatment in India are high, much like the costs for other ailments such as cancer, organ transplant etc.


There needs to be an increase in mental health crowdfunding as it will prove to be beneficial to many health patients in various aspects. Here’s how:


Medical tests: Just like physical ailments, mental disorders need to be diagnosed with the help of tests. Many a times, a patient needs to undergo several rounds of tests, which in turn costs a heavy sum of money.


Medication: Aside from being treated by professionals, mental health patients suffering from conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc have to constantly be on medication in order to maintain their health. The medicines are costly and when taken regularly can cost patients a heavy sum. Hence crowdfunding India can help solve this problem.


Clinical visits: Just like a patient suffering from a physical ailment, a mental health patient too has to keep visiting the hospital for consults and routine check-ups, where each check-up costs a considerable amount of money.


Hospitalization: In extreme cases of mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and alzheimer’s among others, a patient may need to be hospitalized to be kept under observation. In such cases, the hospital bills, especially at private hospitals, are expensive and patients hailing from humble backgrounds may not be able to fund for such treatments. Crowdfunding India can help patients pay for such heavy costs.


Rehabilitation: Many a times people suffering from extreme depression or anxiety enroll themselves in rehabilitation centres, in order to restore functionality and lead their lives without stress. Popular singer Selena Gomez had opened up about her depression where she spoke about how she was put up at a rehabilitation centre to seek help.


Therapy: For certain people suffering from conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety, talking to mental health professionals and counsellors helps. Many counsellors own private practices in India and tend to such people. The catch however that the heavy costs that one has to pay to seek medical help. Each therapy session costs a considerable amount and many might not be at liberty to attend therapy sessions because of this reason.


Other facilities: Aside from medical expenses, there are other costs to be considered as well such as that of transportation, food, residential care, etc as mental health patients may not be able in a state to take care of these things themselves.


Migration of Database from SQL Server to PostgreSQL

When it comes to the list of most popular RDBMS that has rich set of administration tools and programming APIs, Microsoft SQL server and PostgreSQL falls in this category.

Moreover, MS SQL comes with quite restrictive licensing policyand the cost of ownership is very high.That is one of the reasons why organizations and businesses takes the migration of their database from SQL Server to PostgreSQL more seriously.

Below are few ideas of what the database migration is all about:

  • Extract table definitions from the source database in form of DDL SQL statements
  • Convert these SQL statements according to syntax of the destination format and load to PostgreSQL database
  • Export SQL Server data into an intermediate storage (for example, comma separated values)
  • Transform the data according to the destination format and load it into the target database
  • Extract views, stored procedures and triggersfrom SQL Server database in form of SQL statements and source code
  • Convert these statements and source code into the destination format and load into the target database

The process of migrating database from MS SQL to PostgreSQLcalls for a lot of work when it is done manually. There is also a high risk of loss of data and corruption due to human factor, however, to be on a safe side, it is better to use dedicated software to automate the conversion method.

One of the best conversion tools you can use for this purpose has been developedby Intelligent Converters. Intelligent Converters is a frontier in the software industry with focus on solutions for database conversion, migration and synchronization since 2001. MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter offered by this company has an awesome performance due to efficient algorithms of direct reading and writing data implemented in the product. The software supports all versionsof SQL Server and PostgreSQL such as cloud solutions.

The software comes with a command line feature that helps to automate and to schedule database conversion. With the MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter, you can also migrate data from SQL Server into new database as well as merge or synchronize it with currentPostgreSQL database.

If you need to move few records to a destination database, this tool will allow you to filter data via SELECT queries. You can also select some specific columns and records or even transform the data before converting it into PostgreSQL format with this option. Below are few examples of the different ways you can use this software.

  • Filtering records: SELECT fname, lname FROM People WHERE id>1000
  • Select and rename individual columns: SELECT fname as [First Name], lname as [Last Name] FROM People
  • Skip NULL values: SELECT fname, lname FROM People WHERE phone IS NOT NULL

Often, it is very good to change the column type in the resulting database. As a result of this, the MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter offers feature called “customcolumn mapping”. It is a dialog window that gives you to opportunity to change name, type, default value and NULL-attribute for any column of table as well as exclude certain columns from conversion.

If the destinationPostgreSQL server doesn’t allow remote connection, the software offers some option that enables you to export the data into SQL script. Using this process, the source database is exported into local file containing SQL-statements to create tables with all indexes and constraints and fill them with the data. Then database administrator can import the script file to PostgreSQL server via any standard client tools.

To learn more about MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter visit the official product page:


How Significant Branding Online Is With These 5 Reasons

Online business is making a huge part in today’s society.  Every business, regardless of size, has its own brand to represent the name of the company or business as well. Therefore, branding is an important aspect to know what your product is all about. This is to promote brand reputation!

Branding has been well-documented for a number of benefits according one of the best landing page builder like Result Driven SEO. When you think about the brand of your business, you must also think about your customer experience, everything from your social media, website and logo skills.

But why is it that branding so important online? It’s because it serves as the best way where your customers perceive you and your business. To better understand branding, here are reasons why you need to develop branding online more effectively.

Online Presence.

Today, the internet is not only using of many people to connect effectively with their love ones or research for some important information, but it is also used of many businesses to promote their product and business online. Using the internet to market business is one effective way to use branding. Logos and banners are easily created and can be attached to all online activities online.

In addition, the use of a gravatar makes it very simple and easy to have an attractive and standard photo or picture which automatically connects with your business as well as to your target customers.


Another reason of branding online for your business is that when a quote or image is seen enough times, it becomes popular and familiar. When things or brand seem to be familiar online, people feel more comfortable and confident about investing and interacting money with that particular business or company.

Brand loyalty.           

Branding is the building of trust with stakeholders, customers, and employees. So, branding your brand online can give your clients loyalty to patronize and buy for this.  If you prefer to create a logo or an image attached to your business, then there would be a possibility that your brand would stick to their mind.

Your brand is the mirror of your business; it best speaks about your message or mission to what people could expect from your products. Therefore, every time, they see the branding online there is message conveyed for them to buy.

Branding encourages trust in your product or service.

If your product is good to people after they have experienced it, there will be more customers who will support and trust your business because of what other people stated online.

Brandings help business owner establish clarity and consistency.

Being consistent and focused on your business’ long-term goal significantly helps specifically when you have a clear brand. Through the help of your message, product lines, and audience appeal, you will have to improve the visibility of the company online, leading to consistency. It will let you acquire more customers soon.

Branding plays a major role in promoting your service or product online. Therefore, you should   take good care the quality and reputation of your brand in healthcare SEO services by Online Marketing For Doctors for you to earn the trust of many customers and achieve success in the online world.

This is the key to this intimidating online business competition!


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3 Ways to Bolster Your Store’s Online Presence

There are numerous benefits to taking your brick-and-mortar store online, most notably increased profits and the ability to reach a wider consumer base. However, unless you’re profoundly lucky, these things don’t simply happen overnight. In order for your store’s new digital counterpart to achieve success, you’ll need to take steps to bolster its online presence. Luckily, carving out a solid online niche for your store doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. By arming yourself with the right knowledge and enlisting the services of seasoned pros, you can lay the groundwork for long-term profitability and consumer interest.   

  1. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

You’d be hard-pressed to find a successful modern-day enterprise that doesn’t make extensive use of social media. Popular outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide business owners with cost-effective outlets through which to promote products and services. That being the case, if you haven’t created social media accounts for your store on the aforementioned sites, there’s no time like the present to get started. Furthermore, simply maintaining these accounts won’t be enough to drum up the attention you seek. To generate consumer interest and encourage follower feedback, you’ll need to update these accounts daily, albeit not excessively. Posting both infrequently and too frequently can lead to a loss in interest, so for best results, stick with one to four posts per day.

  1. Seek Out a Highly-Rated Web Marketing Company

If this is your first attempt at promoting an online business, it’s in your best interest to seek out the aid of an experienced web marketing company. Whether you require assistance with search engine optimization, domain name registration service or ad placement, reaching out to a company like can help your efforts tremendously. The right marketing gurus will be able to build awareness for your store and boost its search engine ranking, enabling you to maximize your reach in a timely manner.

  1. Interact With Your Audience

Regularly interacting with your target audience through social media is an effective way to generate positive buzz and make people feel more invested in your business. The more personally invested people feel in your store’s success, the more likely they are to give you their business. As such, make a point of offering polite and timely replies to any comments and queries your social media posts receive. Additionally, avoid commenters who adopt overly combative tones and/or seek to start arguments with you. More often than not, these individuals thrive on goading people into confrontations, and it’s strongly advised that you abstain from giving them what they want.

No matter how well a brick-and-mortar enterprise is doing, taking it online can compound its success exponentially. Still, throwing your hat into the ring unprepared is liable to breed disappointment and stress. Before launching a digital extension of your store, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of the online shopping game. Any retail entrepreneur who’s eager to expand their business would be wise to put the tips discussed above to good use.