5 Ways to Find Your Network in a New City

Moving to a new city could quite interesting and fun. You get to meet new people, in a new environment, interacting with a completely new culture. Although these things don’t come naturally to most of us, it’s good to put-in a slight effort to network in a new city.

Networking helps us setup a base in the new city. Humans are social beings and essentially, like to thrive in our comfort zone. This comfort zone can be achieved only when we are surrounded by like-minded people. How do you meet such people though? Let’s take a look.

  1. Rent out a nice house

Rent a nice house in the new city and that will be the best decision you can ever take after moving to a new city! You could invite new people or small time parties, hangout with them over the weekend or well, watch movies. A nicely furnished house makes a lot of difference to your image.

Plus, you could go to your house and spend some quality time with yourself after a long day of work. If you don’t want to take the effort of finding a nice house and furnish it yourself, you could use the online services like

They provide fully furnished apartments on rent for single men and women and guess what, the rent includes all the maintenance. Just dump your luggage and network on!

  1. Don’t waste your time on networking events, talk to your new co-workers

If you’re lucky enough to be placed in a new city, your office is the best networking place you could be at. Don’t feel awkward to talk to your colleagues. They’re the best people who would give you an idea about finding things in a new city. Most people have different hobbies apart from their work, thus, you’ll get to know about hobbies or events that you might be interested in, from your co-workers itself.

Call them over for a drink or a weekend session in your furnished apartment in the new city and ensure you stock some nice wine.

  1. Volunteer

Associate yourself with nonprofits in your area of expertise. You’ll meet a lot of people who share a similar interest like yours. You never know who you would bump into, especially on weekends. A lot of people like to celebrate festivals and special occasions in orphanages or old-age homes.

Above that, members of nonprofits would love to spend time with you. This won’t make you feel alone either. You may learn a thing or two about your field from experienced people out there. At least, you’ll learn how to hold a family.

  1. Be friendly

This one’s a no brainer. There are many ways you could be friendly though. Starting with saying ‘yes’ to most invites and offers. Even though you may not like a certain person inviting you, step out of your comfort zone and try. You will end up meeting new people and get introduced to new things only. Unless, of course, he or she is a creepy stalker you would want to avoid.

  1. Get a dog

Although this is a very shady technique, as perceived by some but, it works! You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that would walk up to you (your dog) when you’re out for a walk with the cutie. Mind you, cutie, is the dog here.

Ensure that you find a pet friendly house before you jump the gun. Also, taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility. Read about handling a dog as a pet. They have emotions too!

Rounding up the whole thing, we should be open to every opportunity that gets thrown at us and give our best shot at every social and personal interaction when you’re trying to network in the new city. Ensure that you find a nice house for an affordable price. You wouldn’t want to blow away your money only on the rent.