Column radiators: the key advantages

This type of radiator is a popular choice and offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from versatility to performance. In addition, it is one of the most attractive radiator types available, offering visual appeal alongside exceptional heating results. Here are some of the major advantages of column-style radiators, which may prove persuasive when it comes to choosing your next radiator type.

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There are column-type radiators that will suit all sorts of interior designs, and they are hugely versatile when it comes to fulfilling size requirements in your home or office. In addition to looking beautiful, this kind of radiator offers the flexibility that only a column design can deliver. You must have at least two columns; however, the maximum number is only limited by the space you have available and your specific heating requirements.

Positioning choice

These radiators offer all sorts of flexibility in relation to their position. This is because the metal used to create them is very malleable, meaning that manufacturers can create them in a vast array of sizes, depths and shapes. There are even six-foot tall versions comprising two columns, which are perfect if you want a big radiator to throw out the heat but are limited when it comes to space. The major benefit here is that these radiators can use the vertical space that a traditional radiator cannot.

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Excellent heat output

The type of column radiators available from distributors such as offers a bigger heat output than more traditional radiators on a same-size comparison basis. This is down to the fact that they can boast a larger surface area, as every column has six surfaces. Traditional radiators also boast a maximum of six surfaces; however, with two columns, this type of radiator offers a minimum of 12 surfaces. You can find out more about energy transfer by heating on the BBC website.

Good value

The old-style cast iron radiators are an example of this type of heating and command high prices due to their appeal and antique nature. Modern versions can offer exceptional value for money, however, and can often look very similar to their older counterparts. They are also much lighter than the historic versions, making them much simpler to install and manage.

With so many advantages, why not choose these radiators to enhance your home?