FBI’s role in dealing with Securities and Commodities Fraud

The integration of the global markets has made the US business men to access the investors and the capitals and thereby diversify their business portfolio. Most of the Americans are trying to make an investment in the securities and the commodity markets through brokerage accounts, retirement accounts and college savings plan. As a result of the tremendous growth in the market, the fraud related to this market has also increased considerably. The presence of a complex investment vehicle and the tremendous increase in the value of the money that is getting invested in the market has resulted in the increase of fraudulent activities in this market.

The FBI works in close coordination with the government in order to reduce such fraudulent activities in the securities and the commodities market.

Now, if you want to know more about the different fraudulent schemes that are available in the securities and the commodities market, then these schemes are discussed in details below:

  • Investment Frauds: The investment fraud is also referred to as the high yield investment fraud and this involves the illegal sale of the financial instruments. The fraud that is related to this particular scheme involves low risk investments or no risk investments, guaranteed returns, too consistent returns, unregistered securities and complex strategies.
  • Fraud related to promissory fraud: These are short term debt instruments that are issued by the non-existent companies. These notes promise a very high return without or with very little risk. The fraudsters mainly use these notes in order to avoid any regular scrutiny. However most of these promissory notes have to be registered under the Securities and the Exchange Commission and also in the states where they are being sold.
  • Manipulating the market: This mainly deals with the pump and dump schemes where the fraudsters try to artificially increase the price of the penny stocks, so that these conspirators can sell their shares at very high profit. At times these fraudsters use brokers to use the high pressure sales tactics in order to increase the number of investors and in turn raise the price of the stocks. Once these conspirators reach the target price, they dump their shares at huge profit and the investors have nowhere to go.

The FBI investigates into all the above mentioned cases and makes sure that they are able to reach the desired goal. The frauds related to the security and the commodities market has increased considerably and as a result of this the FBI has a dedicated group of professional investigators who deal with these cases.As you are well aware of the fact that the FBI hires the best investigators and trains them in the most effective manner so it is always preferable to hire an investigator like Adam Quirk FBI who will deal with your cases in the best way possible.

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