How To Be A Bike Buddy

Sometimes cycling alone can be boring and tiresome. You may want to get someone to help you enjoy cycling again and also challenge you and get you off your comfort zone. A bike buddy may also help you learn new things about cycling. You know that co-worker or family member who is willing to trade car rides for cycling and does not know where to start or how to start. You could also be the one who has started cycling and knew a co-worker or just a friend who cycles, and you want to be their bike buddy. Here are some of the tips to be a bike buddy:

Plan the best route for both of you

Cyclist prefers a quieter less congested route; this is also perfect for a beginner because they will enjoy the privileges and fun of cycling. Get a path that is also shorter so that you do not bore or exhausted your bike buddy. Involve your bike buddy in planning the route because they may have more insight about certain routes than you may have. Show them areas which are traffic free and have few pedestrians to reduce the risk of accidents especially to beginners. Planning your route will also let you know areas where you can speed and sprint, where to slow down and where there downhill. Choose a route that will give you a scenery that will keep you coming back not a landscape that will easily bore you, get out of your comfort zone and explore new areas with your bike buddy.

Take it slow

If you are the experienced cyclist and you have a new bike buddy, try to take them slowly. Let them enjoy the joys of cycling without feeling like they have to keep up with you. Set a pace that is comfortable for your bike buddy. This will also help them enjoy your company and to get to know each other better. If you’re the beginner, then take cycling slow view it as a getaway, not as a chore or a challenge that you have to complete. Be aware of your environment and enjoy Mother Nature, enjoy the sites and the fresh air you experience during cycling.

Get your bicycle checked

Encourage your bike buddy to get a proper bicycle and to get it checked. If it’s a lady, you could recommend women cruisers which are comfortable and easy to use. If you’re the one who is starting out get yourself classic bicycles as well. They are adjustable and have comfortable seats. You can get your bicycles checked, or you can just do it yourself. It is inexpensive to get your bike serviced and checked or better yet you can check it yourself which will cost you close to nothing. This will ensure that your bikes are safe to go and avoid any sudden accidents on the road caused by bicycle malfunctions.

Warn your bike buddy on challenging parts of the route you will be taking

Before starting the whole journey warn your bike buddy on areas that will require a lot of their effort or areas that will be strainers to them. This will help in case they have an injury, or they cannot maneuver you can review the route again or help them get through this challenging points on the route.

Remember to hydrate and snack

Remind your buddy to carry water and also carry water in case they forget. Water will come in handy when cycling because you lose a lot of water during cycling through sweating. This can cause dehydration and fatigue which may cause your bike buddy to have a bad experience hence avoid riding to work or anywhere else.

Some other tips to consider is advice your bike buddy to carry their bike on the care of the work place, or your destination is far, help them adjust slowly and sure. By doing so, you will allow them to enjoy the experience with you, and you will have gotten a bike buddy.