Job Trends for 2017 in Calgary

As the new year 2017 starts to unfold, so is the opportunity awaiting for employees in Calgary. There are several predictions for factors to shape the recruitment practices and the human resource sector. Take a look at the following trends for job seekers like you.

Penetration of Data Science Into Human Resources

Several companies recruited data scientists to streamline their way in approaching things like logistics and marketing. Data science is observed to be rare in recruiting and human resource. More and more human resource departments are expected to be tight in dealing with their employee engagement. Human resource then moves into the space wherein data is being used more compared to a competitive advantage. This serves as a representative of a tremendous loss of opportunity in several organizations.

Projected Automation Everywhere

Many industries see the augmentation of the existing roles caused by automation although there is no guarantee for technology to make the jobs disappear. Advances in technology gave way top automation that makes some professions obsolete. Personal and corporate developments are expected to offset such changes with emphasis on complementary skills building, separating from machines that is integral to work.

Get Rid of Ostentatious Perks in the Office

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Companies are more concern on enterprises offering perks or bonus benefits like video games and ping pong tables, onsite spa treatments and catered lunches. Such benefits are considered more stylish than the substance. It has been observed that these bonuses start to recede from the perspective centered on things like comprehensive healthcare packages and paid leave. Study reveals that on average less traditional benefits have weak correlation with the satisfaction of employees.  

Efforts Ending Gender Pay Gap

It is predicted that enterprises will become more transparent with regards to the salary of employees and equipped with knowledge and uptick in businesses for wage inequality amelioration. Market surveys in Calgary indicate the unlikely application of a position at a company notable in paying employees for the same work.The pay equity of employees is projected to come as early as in 2059, but could also happen as late as 2152. Many enterprises now start to realize that gender pay gap issue also involves positive employer brand and recruitment of values-driven millennial workers other than avoiding negative publicity and legal liability.

Reshaping of Gigantic Economy

A gigantic economy is not likely to expand beyond their existing task-oriented phase. Its ethos is projected to become more prevalent in many established fields, most specially on the flexibility for your own hours and from anywhere. Yes, flexibility reigns supreme in the modern-day job market, most especially for the continuously growing demographic of the millennial. Also, consider its reflection in today’s jobs. The number of workers preferring alternative work arrangements has increased though the real number remains relatively low. It is significant to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of this setup and if it works for you as an employee or employer.

With all these prospective job trends in the market, you may now have the drive to look for a job that fits you right or look for a business to start your own and recruit staff.If you also want to know more about buying a business so you can join the trend, just visit the website business for sale in Calgary.