Must-Visit Cities of Florida, USA

If you are looking for a place with great weather all year round and with a lot of things to see and do, then Florida is where you must go. There are mountains and beaches, fabulous hotels and great night life. There are a lot of cities and places to visit in Florida, but here are the most famous cities of Florida that have to be visited by a newcomer.


The most famous city in Florida is Miami with its South Beach. It is the home to glamorous art deco hotels and villas. Even Versace had a holiday home in South Beach. Today it is a popular playground for the fashion jet of the crowd.


The mostly Hispanic population of this area shapes the culture and food in Miami. There is a strong Cuban community and you will find the best Cuban food and hospitality. To experience this completely, you should visit the Little Havana, a neighborhood in Miami.

A day trip to the Everglades National Park is something not to miss. You can explore these wetlands in an airboat, spot wildlife like alligators that thrive in these swamps. If you don’t want to take an airboat, you can take a canoe or kayak or even cycle around the Everglades.


St. Augustine

This is North America’s oldest European settlement that no one really talks about a lot. It has a rich Native American heritage, mainly of the Seminole tribe.

Around the city, you can visit old military forts, castles and a spiraling lighthouse. There are also very beautiful beaches to explore along the coast.



This city is really the theme park capital of the world. Thousands of visitors come every year to enjoy the thrills in SeaWorld, Universal Studios, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disney World, etc.


Not far from Orlando is one of the most unique places to visit, the Kennedy Space Centre on Merritt Island. This is the home of space travel and is the site of the launch of most US space flights since 1968. As it is a bit of drive to get there, it is better to search for car rental Orlando in advance and get there by car.


Tampa in North Florida is a much more modern city than the others. It is the home of the Buccaneers NFL team and also the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team.


Visit the old quarter known as Ybor City and also Old Hyde Park. Ybor city, a National Historic Landmark District, was built for the workers of a cigar maker Vincente Martinez Ybor in the 19th Century. Recently, the area has been revived and is home to lots of bars, restaurants, and art galleries.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is near Clearwater Beach and across the bay from Tampa. It is known for its mild climate and beautiful beach front real estate. Lots of North Americans flee down here in the winter to escape the cold of the north and enjoy the warm weather here.

Take a stroll down St. Petersburg pier, grab a dinner in John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk and do some shopping in the shops along dockside. Don’t miss the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, which houses a large collection of his Surrealist works.

If you like the water, you can try paddle boarding and see the manatees in the water. If you want to enjoy the whole variety of the local wildlife and the beauty of the Caladesi´s white sand beaches, you should drive to the Caladesi Island State Park.


Florida is a great destination with places and attractions that will suit all types of visitors from young to old. The list here is just a guide to whet your appetite. Plan the main sights you want see before you book anything else.