New tech to keep Singapore-Malaysia border – the world’s busiest

For decades now, Singapore has been serious about pioneering new technology that they can use to first improve their own nation and then share with the global community to improve the world at large.

The infrastructure throughout Singapore is as top-notch as it gets in the developed world. We’re talking about a country here that has incredible internet connectivity and high speeds, access to some of the world’s best research laboratories and universities, and a government that isn’t shy at all about investing in the future of its people and its partners.

In an effort to keep their nation safe, Singapore has worked very hard to shore up the world’s busiest border on the planet – the border between Singapore and Malaysia.

The border has always been manned by security forces that are well-trained, well-equipped, and provided with every resource necessary to keep Singapore safe, but recently new technological advances have been deployed throughout the Singapore Malaysia border that are helping to improve security even more so!

Facial recognition technology is widespread throughout the border

While nations like the US and Russia have been taking advantage of facial recognition technology for decades now, they (understandably so) haven’t been able to deploy the technology completely across all of their borders and all of their entry points – but a lot of that has to do with the size of their nation and the sheer volume that would have to be protected.

Singapore, however, has now spread facial recognition technology pretty much clear across border between Singapore and Malaysia and it allows them to take full advantage of the power and speed of the advanced technology to recognize potential threats and neutralize the issues before they even have an opportunity to arrive in Singapore in the first place.

On top of that, the facial recognition technology that has been deployed throughout the border is no longer solely searching faces.

Advanced programming solutions now allow this real-time facial recognition technology to search for specific objects of varying colors and sizes, vehicles based off of number plate registrations, and a whole host of other individual “markers” that essentially allow these computer systems to monitor the entire border – alongside human border forces – to keep the people of Singapore safer.

New systems detect biological threats and “sniff out” trace amounts of explosives

New checkpoint systems are also being implemented throughout the border that allow technology to detect biological threats and to “sniff out” trace elements of explosives – down to the smallest possible amounts imaginable – that give the Singapore security forces a tremendous leg up when it comes to protecting the nation.

On top of that, these new detection systems allow Singapore to better check and analyze narcotics, allow the Singapore government to minimize human resources while leveraging them more efficiently, and generally produces a safer “24/7, 365 days a year” security system quite unlike anything else ever produced anywhere on the planet.

Obviously, the global community is going to pay close attention to the technology Singapore deploys and look for ways that they may mimic the security blanket that this country has laid down protect their people.

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