Several Unknown Facts and Details about the Winstrol Pills

Winstrol pills helps to build muscle in the body without any physical exercise. It is widely used in many countries. It is a synthetic anabolic steroid which will produce a metabolizing effect on the body which results in burning body fat and increasing protein synthesis which in turn helps in building muscle tissues. It is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT).These pills produces small to mild androgenic effects and also increases strength of the body. It promotes flexibility and endurance of the body. These pills have no side effects and do not damage any organs permanently.

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Pros and Cons of Winstrol pills

The pros of these pills are as follow:

  • It increases retention of nitrogen.
  • Both men and women can take these pills
  • It enhances synthesis of protein
  • It increases physical strength
  • It does not harm the liver.
  • These pills rapidly reduce fat for those muscles which are hard to burn.
  • It improves vascularity for those having ripped physique.
  • It also maximizes speed and agility of the body.
  • These pills are very advantageous for muscle building. One bottle of these contains 90 tablets of 50mg each. For those who want to gain lean solid muscle without having any fear of prolonged effects in taking these pills is a very good option. But one has to be patient to observe its results. But those who have heart issues of any other serious health problems should not take these pills.

The cons of these pills are as follow:

  • Cholesterol levels are increased by its intake.
  • These pills may be interactive with some other pills like those of diabetes.
  • First few days of its intake might result in joint discomfort, swelling of ankles and headaches.
  • There may be temporary changes in sex drive.
  • There are some cases of swelling of breasts, clitoris, and growth of facial hair due to consuming these pills.

Sometimes you can get in touch with the professionals of to get a better picture of the pros and cons of these pills.

More Info

Apart from these winstrol pills also interacts well when one is cutting cycle. Moreover these pills can be taken orally. No prescription is needed for buying this product. These pills should be taken at least 30-40 minutes before working out. If someone is not working out, he/she should take pills once or twice after a meal. This is should be continued for two months and then stopped for at least two weeks before resuming the cycle.