Sharpstone Review (Features, Pros, Cons)

When you buy a product, the first thing that you would want is a product with the best quality at an affordable price. If you want a grinder with both the durable material and yet beautifully designed, then SharpStone grinder might just be the right grinder for you. This kind of grinder is said to be what everything your herbs would need. In this Sharpstone Review, you will get to know the features that you would see from her.


We broke down the special features that the Sharpstone excels and it’s as follows:


Just like the common grinders’ materials, the SharpStone grinder is made of Aircraft Aluminum. Having this material ensures that the grinder is scratch-free even if it falls several times. Even if you use the grinder multiple times, the outer appearance will not wear off. It also have a stainless steel-made micro mesh screens which allows the fine pollen to fall through. With this, the grinder will be able to collect the kief or known as the fine residue. The teeth of the grinder is razor sharp with diamond-shaped ensuring durability and is very strong. It allows for you to get a consistent finish. You would want the finest residue right? The SharpStone grinder can definitely give it to you. The outcome of these grinder can perfectly be used for smoking.


When you have an herb grinder, you would not want to have little chunks of the herbs to get stack when you use the grinder. With the shape of the grinder, chucks of herb is prevented into getting stuck in the chamber of the grinder. At first glance, the polished finish of the grinder will be noticed. Its outer appearance does not just exude class but it is scratch resistant as well.


The SharpStone grinder comes in different sizes, from extra small to large. You can also choose grinder between having 2 pieces or 4 pieces. Aside from that, you also get to choose your preferred color. SharpStone also have grinders that have 25 or 50 teeth with magnetic lids. All the pieces of the grinder surely fits perfectly.

The manufacturer of SharpStone have brought technology innovations to the world of weed grinders as it made their crank-grinders and as well as clear top grinder. The latter grinder are well-made and said to be very efficient as well as what most users have stated. When it comes to the appearance of the grinder,


The good thing about the SharpStone grinder is how easy it is to grind the toughest of herbs into tiniest, fine residue. Aside from that, the SharpStone crank-grinders are very useful to those that are suffering from arthritis who are unable to twist the lid of the grinder while in the process of grinding. It is because of the heavy duty hand crank mechanism of the grinder that makes grinding easy. It has a handle that revolves which can be used for grinding your herb rather than having to twist its lid.



The SharpStone is one herb grinder that falls almost the same category as the Chromium Crusher. This herb grinder as well are good for those who are tight on budget but would still want to have a grinder equipped with great features. The money you will pay for the grinder is absolutely worth it. Just be careful as there are fake SharpStone grinders going around the online markets that have terrible quality than the original.


The highlight positive feature of the SharpStone grinder is how it is friendly to those who are suffering from hand-illness, such as arthritis. Another thing is its kief catcher. Though most of the great herb grinders today comes with kief catcher, the one with the SharpStone grinder is one of best quality. Being made of stainless steel mesh may have been the reason. Aside from that, it comes with a scraper that will help collect and to finally move your grinder’s collected kief to safer place. It also have Teflon-orings  that will help you move or twist the grinder more slowly, providing you a better and hassle-free experience. This just tells how much the SharptStone grinder really is the best not just because of what it could offer, but as well as the cheap price it have.


In this particular grinder, so far, there has been no known drawbacks that can be thought over it. It has the features that you would want for your grinder to have – from the material, to the design and performance down to price. This makes the grinder just a perfect herb grinder aside from being useful.


Material: 4 / 5

Design: 4 / 5

Performance: 4 / 5

Price: 4 / 5