Tackling The Drunken Driving Epidemic On College Campuses

Drunk driving seems as though it’s a common problem among many societies across the globe. As if there aren’t enough distractions to keep drivers attentions away from the roadway as it is, drunk driving only increases the amount of accidents on our roadways and the risks while on our roadways. Driving under the influence of drugs is another contributing factor to fatal crashes on our roadways. How can societies come together to crack down on this deadly issue, and keep its citizens safe?

It first starts by examining the data, and making an analysis on the biggest contributors to the issue at hand. Drunk and drugged driving occurs most frequently within those aged 18 to 25. Additionally, it’s important to note that drugged driving has been on the rise over the past several years. Though drugged driving has been on the rise, statistics show that drunk driving accidents are 5-7 times more likely to occur on Texas roadways, when compared to the amount of drugged driving accidents that have occurred.Image result for Tackling The Drunken Driving Epidemic On College Campuses

Let’s stop to ask ourselves- what can we do to help reduce these types of accidents? Completely eliminating them would be nearly impossible, but realistically, there are things that we can do to help them decline in number. Lets focus on college campuses, and targeting our main demographic: 18 to 25 year olds.


Many Colleges and Universities across the world hold seminars each semester, that help to showcase events that have taken place that can raise awareness for drunk driving. Many schools may probe into local events, and showcase them on college campuses common areas- like an automobile that was involved in a drunk driving accident recently. Providing a visual, localized event can help to paint a vivid picture in college students minds, and leave them with something to think about before hopping in the car after a few drinks.

Furthermore, campuses can engage with local and national organizations like MADD to invite guest speakers to come and discuss the importance of drunk driving. These organizations are well-equipped to share their knowledge with attendees, and have been seasoned to present the most compelling information, with hopes to imprint a message in viewers minds. College campuses should consider becoming more involved with outside groups to spread awareness and educate its students.

Promoting Within School Organizations

Partnering with school organizations like fraternities and sororities can also help to increase the reach of drunk driving messages. Larger scale organizations can use their funding to set up programs with popular college clubs and organizations, to implement programs that will help its members avoid getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Most colleges will promote this type of interaction, however it takes the efforts of larger drunk driving organizations to initiate these types of programs that can be easily implemented among different groups.

Increasing Campus Crackdowns And Assistance

College security guards and police officers can also set up meetings where different methods for cracking down on drunk driving on college campuses can be implemented. Several options can be explored- such as conducting more thorough checks for students entering dorm buildings each night, to creating road stops on streets within the campus areas. College campuses can also set up rideshare programs for its students, and promote the program to its students by offering discounts for use of services such as Uber and Lyft.

How Can You Help?

Even if you don’t have any connections to college campuses, or have a child or relative attending a college or university, there are plenty of things you can do. If you feel passionately about the problem, consider writing to your local government and letting them know your thoughts about drunk driving within your community. Consider picking up the phone and making a phone call to your local college or university, and provide them with ideas that may help to reduce drinking and driving accidents in your town. Start a pledge to never drink and drive, and promote it to others within your neighborhood. Consider volunteering your services in your free time to assist with drunk driving organizations that might need your help. Connect with others on social media, and share personal stories or eyewitness accounts of drunk driving stories. Become an advocate, and make strides to reduce the number of drinking and driving occurrences in your neighborhood today!