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Don’t Forget These 3 Important Days to Spend with Your Hubby

Well, each and every day is important in its own right but again there are some few days in all our lives which need a special mention. Days like birthday, anniversary, reunion, or any religious festival are undoubtedly the days when you are alert to spend it in a special way. Remembering these days and spending it with the loved ones hold a lot of vitality in improving and strengthening the bond. In case you have a forgetful mind, its better you mark these important days in the beginning of the year in your calendar so that there is no chances of letting a moment go astray. See, you may forget to say I Love You to your husband but you just cannot forget to wish him on these very special 3 occasions. Along with your warm wish a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s gift should be ready for husband .

Number 1 important date: It’s the Birthday or Hubby Day

Birthday is obviously the most special day of anyone’s life and on this day everyone loves to be treated in a sweet way from friends and family. A wife is the closest one to a husband and a wish from you therefore holds the most importance. Plan a lavish party or a silent getaway from the city, but think properly for the unique gift for him. Here’s what you can do on this day:Image result for Don't Forget These 3 Important Days to Spend with Your Hubby

  • Order for the midnight flowers and gift delivery to your place and when the bell rings, make him go up to the main door. He would be truly surprised by your thought.
  • Prepare the birthday cake in early morning and keep that in the breakfast table. A lovely cake to start the birthday morning is really a blessing.
  • Call up his childhood best friends to be at your house when he returns from work for a small party with best friends. He would be thrilled to have the companion of those people who shaped him in many ways.

Number 2 important date: The day you took the vow, i.e., Anniversary

Guys may jokingly say that they can never forget the anniversary date as that is the day they were martyred. But in reality they cannot do without you. Anniversary is a reminder of your maturity in love. Here are some unique things for you to do with him on this special day.

  • If it is the tenth or fifteenth or twenty fifth year of being together, you have to renew your vows in the same place where you became together.
  • Go for a holiday without your kids and spend some time with each other and make this second honeymoon one of the memorable holiday trips of your life.
  • A personalized lampshade carrying pictures of your union would be the best gift of the anniversary season.

Number 3 important date: Valentine’s Day of heightened romance

Can there be any better day for love than this one? The world all over is soaked in love and romance and you have every right and reason to celebrate this moment with your hubby.

  • Write 1000 reasons to love him and gift him this notebook of love.
  • How about cooking a heart shaped omelet or baking a heart shaped chocolate cake? It is age old but will refresh your love and romance for sure.
  • As another Valentine gift for husband, get a wine bottle and decorate your home with cool curtains and dim lights to set the mood for a romantic evening.