Tips for Batam Vacation Based on Map Batam Island

Office workers have a lot of pressure these days due to the high demand of fast, perfect, and highly productive work. With this condition, vacation becomes an essential need for everyone to make them stay sane in this crazy world. There is a lot of tourist destination that you can choose for your vacation, but the island of Batam, Indonesia, should be put on your list. Batam is a part of Riau Province, Indonesia, and one of 2400 islands that shape the archipelago province. The chain of islands that form this province extends from Sumatra Island to South China Sea. There are six Batam ferry terminal that connect this island with Tanah Merah port in Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Those ferry terminals are located at Telaga Punggur, Sekupang, Batam Center, Nongsapura, Waterfront City, and Harbour Bay. Most tourist that visit this island is Singaporean, as it only takes 45 minutes of pleasant journey from Singapore port.

In this article, we will give some tips about the things that you can do in Batam based on map Batam Island. Those activities are listed below:

  • Visiting Abang Island: this small island is very popular among divers due to its magnificent underwater coral reef. This island is considered as the most beautiful diving spots in Batam. For snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, this place is certainly a must-visit. It is recommended to visit this island around April to August because of its smaller waves and calmer current.
  • Doing Watersports: the best part of Batam is its watersports. Compared to Sentosa Beach Resort in Singapore in term of facilities, Batam watersports may be slightly worse. But if we are talking about the price, watersports in Batam is certainly a lot of cheaper, especially with its water skiing and wakeboarding facilities. The recommended place to try watersports is Batam Cable Ski Park, which offer snorkeling, canoeing, and jet skiing. Batam View Beach Resort is also recommended.
  • Exploring Anambas Islands: The Island is included in CNN’s Asia Best Tropical Island in 2013, making the islands is worth to be visited, despite located pretty far from Batam’s main island. It offers beautiful diving spots, sandy beaches, and coconut trees. You can also see the endangered turtle species in the islands. For those who seek for adventure, this island is the best place to visit.
  • Going to Stilt House of Batam: back then, many houses in Batam were constructed on stilts above water. At the older part of Batam and several villages nearby the main city, you are able to find several of these houses. One of the recommended old villages that you can visit to see this old architecture is a fishing village named Tanjung Uma.

The list on previous paragraph is some Batam travel guide that you can follow while spending your free time in Batam. You do not have to worry about choosing this island as your vacation destination, because this island will give you the best getaway, unforgettable memories, and precious experience for your dream vacation.