Top ideas for organising your garage

An organised garage is a happy garage and whether you’re using yours as a workshop, storage area or mainly as car storage, you’ll still want to make the best of the space that you have. Read on for some top tips when it comes to organising your home garage.


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Don’t put it off

Garages can quickly become dumping grounds, especially when you first move into a new place and need somewhere to leave bits and bobs. Avoid this by sorting out your garage as soon as you move in. This will give you more space to manoeuvre and see you start as you mean to go on. Organise your garage as efficiently as you can.

Stay on top of it

A garage can easily get messy again, especially if you are using it every day as a workshop. Clear up all tools after every visit to the garage. Make sure tools are put away properly; an important health and safety step if you live with children.


Use dedicated garage shelving equipment such as garage racking systems. These are easy to put up and take up far less space than shelving units or bookshelves. Good sturdy garage shelving will mean you can store a range of tools, equipment, materials and even old books, games and collector’s items up off the floor, and increase the floor space and work space that you have at your disposal. Ensuring all goods are up off the floor will also prevent damage from flooding.


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Cubbyhole shelving

Make a small shelving unit for small bits and bobs, such as screws, nails and fittings. You can make a cubbyhole shelving unit yourself with just a few pieces of three by one, a jig saw, nails and some brackets.

Ceiling racks

Ceiling racks are another great way to make use of space and put items that you rarely use out of the way. These can be installed in flat roof garages, although garages with a sloped roof can make even more use of the loft space, storing large sporting equipment such as sails, canoes, oars and paddles up there.

A garage can be a valuable bit of floor space in any home, doubling up as a workshop or storage area. Make the most of the walls and ceiling and remember to clean up after every use.